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Playful Healing Therapy is taking expressions of interest for its first Lego Therapy Club

Lego Therapy Club.jpg

There are huge benefits to Lego Based Therapy:

✅ it improves and promotes communication and interaction

✅ it develops fine motor and memory skills

✅ it reduces problem behaviours

✅ it builds and helps to maintain relationships

✅ it improves confidence and emotional wellbeing

✅ it develops language concepts

✅ it improves team work and critical thinking

The Lego Therapy Club is an opportunity for your child to develop social skills, manage anxiety, make new friends and improve critical thinking skills.

There are three age groups (maximum of three participants per age group)
Ages 4 to 6
Ages 7 to 9
Ages 10 to 12

Kids learn how to:

✅ express their feelings
✅ communicate with others
✅ develop problem solving skills
✅ relate to others

Lego Based Therapy is used to support children who experience communication and social developmental challenges. It is mostly effective for autistic children and children with anxiety disorders, phobias, ADHD and depression.

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $160 AUD*

Hosted by: PHT 

*(talk to your NDIS support coordinator to see if you qualify for NDIS funding)*

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