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Play Therapy

Play therapy meets and responds to the children’s emotional needs.

Some of play therapy's benefits include:

  • Development of coping strategies and creative problem-solving skills

  • Self-respect

  • Learning to fully experience and express feelings positively

  • Stronger social skills

  • Support children who are struggling with feelings of worry, uncertainty, isolation, and unhappiness.


Lego Based Therapy

LEGO-Based Therapy is an evidence-based approach designed to help children with Autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders, social skills, relationship's difficulties, and concentration.


It is an engaging, interactive, and fun way to work on important skills that can help children succeed in their everyday lives. It is a proven, child-centered approach that can make a real difference in the lives of children.

Learn about our Lego Therapy Club


Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is based on Filial Therapy which was designed to treat emotional and behavioral difficulties in children by teaching parents how to provide therapeutic interventions for their children.


Filial therapy was formulated by Bernard Gurney in 1964.

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